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Attention Public Sector Employees!

We help florida families understand their FRS and social security benefits so

they can prepare for a more comfortable and secure retirement.

Our Goals Include:

- Helping you get the most from your FRS pension plan.

- Helping you understand your social security benefits.

- Helping you maximize income from your investment plans.

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Who Are We

Hello! My name is Lloyd Holloway. I have been helping families reach their insurance and retirement goals for over thirty years.

What Do We Do

As a strategic money planner I help you assess your finances, set real goals, and implement strategies so you can keep and enjoy more of your money.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone who wants more financial security and peace of mind can benefit from our program. There is no minimum income or net worth requirement to work with us.

How Are We Different

As a certified Bank on Yourself advisor I specialize in building financial plans with products that provide safe consistent growth year after year.

What's The Cost

There are no up front fees or on going charges to work with us. We are compensated directly from the financial institutions to offer their financial products and services.

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