• Lloyd Holloway

5 Reasons We Struggle To Save

Did you ever hear the saying "money isn't every, but it's right up there with oxygen" to that I agree. Money is one of those things we can't live without, but making it and keeping it are totally different things.

Many of us will make lots of money in our lifetime but still approach retirement in a panic because we didn't prepare properly.

5 Reasons We Struggle To Save

We Wait Too Long - The cost of waiting is huge! Just a five-year delay in planning can be hard to make up and could reduce our future nest egg by a full 1/3 - which means thousands of dollars in lost retirement income.

We Don’t Have a Real Plan – An employer’s 401K may be part of our financial picture but it’s not a financial plan! A real financial plan helps us to maximize each and every area of our finances for optimal results.

We Have No System to Save – Knowing when, where, and how to save is half the battle! A systematic savings plan allows us to save without any thought or actions. Once the plan is set up, the savings will just happen!

We Buy Bad Products – Ever wonder why people buy temporary insurance for a permanent problem? The right life insurance plan provides lifetime coverage and can address multiple needs throughout our life, in retirement, and beyond.

We Pay Too Many Finance Charges – The average consumer loses over $250,000 to finance charges over their lifetime! By saving money in a specially structured whole life contract, we can avoid lost opportunity cost, earn competitive returns, and become our own source of financing.

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