• Lloyd Holloway

Retirement Planning Hurdles

Greetings, wouldn't it be nice if life was simple again! In days past we would work at a job for 35 years then one day we would get to stay home and garden, enjoy our grandchildren, and maybe travel some. Best of all, our company pension plus our social secuity would give us a comfortable and secure retirement without all the worry of Wall Street.

Unfortunately, life isn't so simple for many of us. Defined benefit plans or pensions are practically a thing of the past and now even social security itself is being threatened by government mismanagement. This can mean only one thing, it's up to us to take control of our future and manage our own retirement needs.

The question for many is, where do I even start? Well, I can't tell you who to trust but in my opinion there are a few essentials that all good planning should have. Here are a few I consider of great importance.

  • Realistic Assumptions - Using lifetime savings and investment returns somewhere in the 4% - 6% range is reasonable considering a blend of cash, predictable growth, and speculative growth assets. Using unrealistic return estimates can result in a lower than needed savings rate.

  • Good Assessment Tools - Using a planner that provides a holistic assessment tool to help you organize, assess, and manage every area of your plan is important o help you get optimal results.

  • Rules to Live By - Using a set of financial rules or guidelines is essential for good decision making and spending practices. You would never want to drive down a highway without lines or road signs, right.

  • Systematic Savings Plan - Using a systematic savings and investment strategy will allow your money to move systematically between accounts so that savings can happen automatically.

  • Long Term Forcasting - Using a planner that uses safe predictable growth strategies and minimizes speculation can allow you to build a realistic long term forecast that can be tracked and updated as needed. This is where financial peace and confidence begins.

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