• Lloyd Holloway

4 Things We Should Always Remember

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Greetings, Did you know in our lifetime we will earn a fortune, unfortunately most of that wealth will be lost to three things...taxes of all kinds, principal and interest payments, and our everyday spending.

In fact he average American family will save less than 5% of their earnings and will end up nearing retirement in a state of panic wondering how they will survive...and for good reason!

#1 No matter how much we earn or where we spend it...there is only so much money to go around!

#2 If we live long enough we will likely need to or want to slow down or quite work all together - that's when the money we save now may seem most important!

#3 People do things in their own time for their own reasons, unfortunately many of us wait to long to prepare for the future. Procrastination is the leading cause of financial failure!

#4 Failing to plan - is a plan...for failing!

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