• Lloyd Holloway

Building Real Wealth with Insurance

What is real wealth?

Real wealth is wealth that we accumulate, we control, and we can access at anytime without penalties or taxes. Real wealth grows safely and consistently and has a predictable future value.

In contrast - assets like stocks, bonds, and real estate can be illiquid in nature and only have a speculative future value which can vary greatly depending on the market value at the time a holding is redeemed.

Using products like cash value life insurance and annuities in our planning can add a layer of safe predictable growth and can also offer a number of desirable benefits to the policy owner and their beneficiaries.

Important advantages of insurance products

· Insurance is a highly regulated industry with mandatory reserve levels

· Insurance companies are among the world’s strongest financial institutions

· Insurance products have actual contractual guarantees

· Insurance products have a long history of consistent growth

· Insurance products are highly favored by our tax laws

Cash value life insurance

In addition to the safe predictable growth and liquidity, permanent life insurance also provides many other benefits to the policy owner.

· It has a guaranteed, permanent, and tax free death benefit

· It provides accelerated benefits for chronic & critical illnesses

· It provides access to cash for any reasons without penalties or taxes

· It offers tax free growth and tax free distributions


Adding the right life insurance or annuity products to your financial plan can be an effective way to add protection, balance, and guarantees to your planning.

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